The Independent Broker Network
Your #1 resource for city-to-city referrals, fully-vetted brokers and agents, industry resources, training and more.
Generate new, untapped profit centers! Improve Agent retention! Deploy our effective recruiting tools & network with Independent Brokers nationwide!

Put RealProcity tools to work for you! Facilitate city-to-city referrals for your Independent Brokerage & your Agents. Leverage our easy and effective communication modules, built into each referral.

  • Help your client filter and select their preferred Agent
  • Build lucrative relationships that improve profitability
  • NO COST / NO CREDIT CARD to join and participate in the network
  • We get paid when you get paid
“Independent Brokers still maintain a healthy MAJORITY of the total number of real estate brokerages across the United States. Join RealProcity and together we’ll claim our rightful share of the market. Through our online community we’ll establish mutually beneficial relationships, propelling our Broker Partners and their Agents into new profit centers – the likes of which have never before been available to Independent Brokers.”

By Independent Brokers
For Independent Brokers

22As independent real estate professionals, we understand the challenges facing Independent Brokers today. We’ve experienced the frustration of missed opportunities due to a lack of resources, tools and available infrastructure. RealProcity is our way forward. Harness the power of the RealProcity platform and our own vibrant broker community to amplify your business!

Independent Broker Network







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