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Realprocity now puts the tools in your hands
to successfully maximize the profits of your Independent Brokerage.

We streamline the process of networking and building productive relationships to improve your bottom line, and we “level the playing field” so that your business can compete against the resource-heavy franchise brokers.

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Realprocity qualifies members, which means every referral opportunity generated on the platform has been nurtured and is primed for a transaction.

  • No cost or credit card to join and participate in Realprocity.
  • Network-facilitated city-to-city referrals of clients.
  • Friends and Family can now be easily referred to vetted agents across the country.
  • Built-in communities.
  • Additional profit centers and next generation sells.
  • Referred agents are vetted for buyers/sellers clients.
  • Members only industry resources, news and events.
  • We will communicate as needed, not just fill up your inbox.

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