Marketing is an ever changing practice your real estate firm needs to take advantage of. This is especially the case if you run a private, independent brokerage that is smaller in size (and possibly just starting out). Being at the forefront of marketing is crucial and will help connect you not only with more potential clients, but a newer generation of clients.

Video marketing is thriving as it allows you to get face to face with these new clients. However, getting in front of a camera and recording yourself is not something that comes naturally to all. While taking the occasional selfie or posting a short clip video to Facebook is one thing, producing content for your real estate brokerage via video might terrify you, or at the very least you might feel a bit awkward doing it. Whatever the case may be, you need to grow your real estate business using live video. Here are a few tips and suggestions for how to do just that and grow your real estate business.

Tips on How to Grow your real estate business by getting over your fear of live video


Probably the best way to get over your fear of live video is to practice. There is a strange feeling of talking in front of a camera, even if there is nobody else in the room. However, you consciously know others will see the video, which can affect your eye contact, your flow of speech, and cause you to demonstrate other nervous ticks. You don’t want to appear nervous when doing live video, so the best way to work through this fear is to practice.

How can you practice? You can go live on your personal account. Don’t go live on your real estate Instagram or Facebook feed just yet. Instead, work the kinks out using your personal account. You can tell people you’re practicing and to give feedback as you talk. You may also want to practice recording yourself and then watching the video back. Professional athletes will record themselves performing certain moves all the time, and from there they can diagnose what needs to be tweaked and improved. You should do this with your own video content. Watch the video back. You might notice you’re not looking into the camera, which makes it look like you’re always looking over the shoulder of the viewer. You might talk to fast or slur your words. By recording yourself and going over the video you will be able to correct these issues and go from there.

Understand Your Audience

The way you talk will change depending on your target audience. Due to this, you’ll want to understand who your social followers are when creating live video. Now, this can depend on the platform you’re using for live video. Those following you on Snapchat and Instagram are likely going to be a younger age than those watching you on Facebook. YouTube also has a live feature, and this can be helpful if you’re looking to record your video sessions for later viewing and easy access on your YouTube channel.

It’s a good idea to use multiple live stream platforms, depending on your client base. Don’t host the exact same live video content on all of your feeds though. Instead, consider giving behind the scenes live video with Instagram, and host Q & As on Facebook as more users will be on Facebook. You can also record live video of you walking through houses or recording a podcast while on YouTube. Whatever you do, know who you’re talking to before you hit the “go live” option.

Set Up Before “Going Live”

One of the mistakes many new live video marketers make is going live before they are ready. Nobody wants to watch several minutes of the camera shaking around as you look for the right location. You may also want to practice your first line or two so it sounds smoother when you start.

As you talk, make sure to constantly recap. The thing about live video is not everyone will start watching right when you go live. While it can help to let your social followers know you’ll be “going live in 30 minutes” (and repeating these updates until you go live), many will miss the opening and not know what you’re talking about when they jump into the live video. So, to help with this, every few minutes recap and tell the audience what you’re talking about.

Also, if you’re going to be producing live videos make sure to invest in some kind of tripod. Holding a cell phone up can be fine with some videos (such as if you’re doing a behind the scenes with Instagram), but for other video types you will want to have steady video. So consider some kind of tripod and even a steadicam device when going handheld as it will smooth out your video feed.

Just Get Your Hands Dirty

There will always be a bit of angst whenever doing something for the first time. But when looking at how to grow your real estate business as an agent you absolutely need to take advantage of the power of video. Live video takes it a step further as it notifies all of your followers that you’re going live.

The first time you go live it might not be super smooth, but that is completely fine. You’re going to be learning as you go and even if you’ve practiced ahead of time there might be some hiccups. That’s the beauty of live video. Most people understand this. Just try to be engaging and know what topics you want to talk about. As long as you do this you’ll become more and more comfortable being on live and, eventually, it will feel like you’re simply having a conversation with an old friend and you’ll wonder why you ever had a fear of live video.

Extend Your Referral Footprint

When running your own real estate brokerage firm you likely will start off with a smaller client base. This means fewer referrals, which can stunt your growth. This is where looking outside the box to grow your referral footprint is so important. With RealProcity, you have access to an extensive city to city referral program that will connect you with potential clients you would have never reached on your own. You can draw them in with your impressive marketing content and your live video content, as these forms of marketing will help your independent brokerage stand out. So if you’re looking to extend your referral footprint and grow your brokerage, now is the perfect time to check out RealProcity and find out what it can do for you.

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