There are a lot of reasons why people move from one location to another. But there are some reasons why thousands of people are fleeing some states in America at a higher rate. New York and Chicago along with Los Angeles are cities that are seeing a major decline because the states that they are located in are experiencing anemic growth. Keep in mind, this article by Realprocity has nothing to do with the people in the state, but rather outside circumstances impacting population growth and decline. Here is the list of top 10 states people are leaving:

Top 10 States People are Leaving


This is one of those states that most people have been leaving for many years. There are just not any jobs that are being created in the region. Many people are leaving to find work elsewhere. Which means there is a huge labor crisis in the state. One of the major problems for Kansas is that it is land-locked, so they have a hard time attracting people to the state that love doing things on the water.

top 10 states people are leaving


So many people are leaving the state that it was a topic of concern for the governor’s race in 2018. People want to know what can be done to stem the tide of fleeing people. One of the major reasons why people are leaving is because of the high tax rate. Many of the people leaving are older and many of them are wealthy. These are people looking for a warmer climate and lower taxes.

top 10 states people are leaving Connecticut


Maryland is a state that can claim parts of Washington D.C. but that does not guarantee that people are not going to move away. Maryland has a high crime rate and the state is struggling to combat the problem. One estimate shows that 47 percent of the people want to leave the state. Other factors that are playing into the exodus of people include no jobs, retirement, looking for a better family environment, poor lifestyle and people are looking for a better healthcare system.

top 10 states people are leaving


The state of Hawaii has lost over 20,000 people in the past year. The cost of living has just gotten too high for many people. Housing has also become a bit of an issue for some as they cannot afford the cost of the home. There is also a shortage of housing available in the state. Not to mention the various dangers of earthquakes and strong storms that affect the region. Many of the homes date back to the 1940s and require repair. The high cost of living makes renovating a home next to impossible for a family struggling to make ends meet.

top 10 states people are leaving Hawaii


The two largest groups of people leaving the state are people looking to retire and Millennials. The younger crowd are looking for higher-paying jobs and place that they can grow a family while the older generations are looking for a better climate to retire and relax in. The winters in the state are long and people just don’t want to put up with the snow and cold for most of the year. The state also has a lacking healthcare system which is another reason so many older people are packing up and leaving town.

top 10 states people are leaving Massachusetts


The state has lost nearly 30,000 people over the past year and the rate of the exodus is increasing. The weather is thought to be a large contributing factor as the area is prime for hurricanes and tropical storms. New Orleans has lost nearly 50 percent of its population in the past few years. The state has a difficult job market which only adds to people leaving the state. Jobs pay less than other states which makes it hard for people to want to stay in the state.

top 10 states people are leaving\

New Jersey

Nearly 70,000 people have fled the state in the past 12 months. The top two reasons so many people were leaving the state was because of the poor job atmosphere and people looking to retire. Some other minor reasons include high taxes and high cost of living. People just don’t want to pay a lot of money to live in an area when there are cheaper areas to call home.

top 10 states people are leaving New Jersey


The high cost of living in California is one of the highest factors of why so many people are leaving the state. Many people earn a decent wage, but they cannot afford the housing. Over 60 percent of the people surveyed said they would like to leave because of the housing problems. High on the list was the terrible traffic issues that plague the state. Drivers spend nearly one and a half hours in their car every day. Most of the time they are stuck in traffic during rush hour.

top 10 states people are leaving - California


Over 140,000 people have fled Illinois in the past year. The cause for so many people leaving for the fifth straight year is high taxes and declining job rates. Most people are paying extremely high taxes on their homes while having to pay for a high cost of living. People seeing their quality of life decline as a result. The state has also been plagued by shady political leaders and greedy politicians that have been involved with illegal venues.

top 10 states people are leaving Illinois

New York

New York is losing more people than any other state in the country. Over 164,000 people have left in the past year and more are leaving every day. Some experts believe the cold weather is to blame but so are the taxes. New York is plagued with high taxes. The issue is so important that it has become a political point for the upcoming election. There are few jobs to go around for all the people. The cost of living has also gotten out of control which is forcing a lot of people to leave the state.

top 10 states people are leaving New York


Above was the list of top 10 states people are leaving due to several reasons. Every state in our great nation has its pros and cons, just like there are people moving to and leaving each of the 50 states. As an independent real estate broker or agent, it is important to keep up with the trends so you can know when and where to strike while the iron is hot.

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