People love to move around. They love to live in places that are fun and currently undergoing growth. It should not surprise anyone that there are 10 states that a lot of people are moving to. So what states are people moving to and who is exactly moving to those states? Based on census information, it is also found that it is not just older people moving to the 10 locations but younger families and millennials as well.

What states are people moving to?


The state of Colorado is growing in just about every economic area. When coupled with the scenic outdoors and plenty of things to participate in, it is no mystery why people are moving here by the thousands. Colorado has added over 44,800 jobs in the past few years. Many of the jobs are being offered by companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. This means that the majority of the people moving to Colorado are from the younger generations. Colorado is the third favorite state for Millennials to move to based on current generational data. The state is becoming a favorite for technology companies and businesses that attract the younger crowds.

what states are people moving to arizona


The state of Nevada has increased by the thousands over the past few years. Many of the people moving to the state are coming from California. People are leaving California by the thousands for various reasons but Nevada has the benefits of welcoming them all home. The state has a lower cost of living with plenty of jobs for people to choose from. This has become an attraction for those seeking a better way of living for their families.



This giant state is growing by leaps and bounds by the thousands because of the many things that are found within its borders. The state is popular for older people because the weather is fairly mild throughout the year. But younger people are coming too because it has a creative atmosphere that allows younger people to develop their dreams. One of the largest industries in Tennessee is the music industry. There are music establishments found throughout the major cities which is one reason so many musicians call this place home.

what states are people moving to tennessee

South Carolina

New residents will find that South Carolina has a comfortable climate and a great economy. Many young and well-established families are moving to the area. The state has a lower cost of living — not to mention cheaper taxes — than many of the other popular and larger states which makes the region highly attractive for both young and old. The state still has the southern charm with a modern flair to it.

what states are people moving to


The upper western part of the United States is growing extremely fast and Oregon is the driving factor. Oregon has grown in the technology field by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The area is growing so fast that construction jobs are growing as is the healthcare industry. This means that there is something for just about every person in Oregon. This is one reason why so many young people are showing up because there is a lot of potential for them to advance in their careers. Bonus: You can get both the beach and the mountains — perfect for all types of outdoor adventures!

what states are people moving to


Bigger is better in Texas and thousands of people are moving there each year. The economy of Texas is the biggest reason so many people are moving there. Technology giants and major financial centers are looking for younger people to fill their ranks. These companies are offering higher than normal wages for people seeking to move up in their current field of expertise.

what states are people moving to

Washington State

Washington is growing but not because of the older generations. Young people like the wide variety of things to do in the state. The state is also home to many of the companies that young people like such as Starbucks and Boeing. These two companies alone are a high attraction for Millennials. People will find a wide range of activities to do from skiing to boating and fishing.

what states are people moving to

North Carolina

In just one year alone, over 73,000 people have moved to this state. North Carolina has a lot of beaches and scenic interior that a lot of people love. Many retirees love to call this place home because of its mild climate and number of things to do. Or course, a lower cost of living has something to do with it all too. The economy of the state is very strong and it only continues to grow with its population. Bonus: Charlotte is now the 16th largest city in the country — and it shows no signs of slowing down! Get in touch with Realprocity for assistance in finding the best property for you.

what states are people moving to north carolina


This area of the country is the fastest-growing region for retirees. The warm temperatures and low cost of living is attractive for people looking to retire. There is plenty to do and be a part of in this state. The state may be hot in the summer but it has very low humidity which makes it the perfect place to live. Taxes are low and there are plenty of jobs to go around.

what states are people moving to arizona


The state of Florida has gained over 145,000 people in the past year. The temperatures of the state are warm year-round and the boating never stops. It is the perfect place for older people to retire and younger people to live. The state has a wide range of things for people to do such as going to the beach, Disney, and many other perfect places to visit. Golf is a popular sport in the state and so is baseball and football. The state has many pro sports teams to root for. The state has one of the best tax rates and tax environments for older and younger people. There is no state income tax which means residents will have more money in their pockets the day they move to the state.

what states are people moving to florida


What states are people moving to are the states that have a lot of growth potential and lower taxes. People are tired of having their money taken from them by high taxes and low wages. People are ready for the good life and these are the 10 states that can give it to them. Also, check which are the top 10 states people are leaving.

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